Areas to find reasonable apartments in Karachi

Karachi is the most populous and wealthiest city of Pakistan. It is the main commercial and financial centre of Pakistan. Renting a house in a city like Karachi is not at all easy, but if you are the one with nuclear family or if you are living on your own then renting an apartment is a much wiser option. 

We’ve listed some of the areas in Karachi that rent out apartments at the most reasonable cost.

Gulistan e johar:

Gulistan e Johar is set on the eastern side of this city. With an easy access to Jinnah International Airport it is considered a prime location. Gulistan e johar also shares easy routes with sharah e faisal and gulshan e iqbal  that makes this area closely connected to the city. 

While exploring the rental opportunities of flats in this area, we come across different rental prices depending on the Blocks you wish to live in and facilities provided. For a basic 2-bedroom apartment rental prices starts from PKR 13 thousand and go all the way till PKR 35 thousand. Whereas for 3-bedroom apartment prices can vary from PKR 25 thousand to PKR 80 thousand.

Gulshan e iqbal:


The people of this area cherish their central location in this city. Gulshan-e-Iqbal has easy access to the most popular restaurant outlets, shopping avenues, well-maintained parks and entertainment resources. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal is situated at a place that gives it easy access to Karsaz, Bahadurabad, KDA and Gulistan-e-Jauhar. This area comprises of 19 blocks. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal is an ideal location if you like to witness the magnificence and sparkle of this city.

Apartments in this lively area of Karachi are quite reasonable but the prices vary according to the accommodation. The price of a 2-bedroom apartment in this area can be as low as PKR 20 thousand to PKR 45 thousand. And a 3-bedroom apartment will cost as low as PKR 30 thousand to maximum PKR 70 thousand.

North Nazimabad:

North Nazimabad is one of the oldest areas of karachi. It was the hub of cultural and intellectual activity in Karachi. And still it encompasses famous markets of karachi. North Nazimabad shares nearest route with business areas of Karachi. North Nazimabad was home for elites for many years until they moved to better housing societies. North Nazimabad consists of 7 blocks 1-5 of them are residential units and Block 6 and Block 7 consists of the commercial areas. It is now affordable and middle class housing area. 

This area offers budget friendly apartments for everyone. A 2-bedroom apartment can pull your budget from PKR 15 thousand to PKR 40 thousand. Also the 3-bedroom apartment can lift your budget from PKR 17 thousand to PKR 60 thousand.

Federal B. Area

Federal B. Area is a very famous area in Gulberg Town.Flats in Federal B Area comes with a variety in types also having reasonable rents.The apartment buildings constructed in these projects provide people with a protective environment and comfortable lifestyle along with being situated at an ideal location.

The type of flats which people are usually interested in feature 2 or 3 bedrooms. Many of the apartment buildings in this area have more corner and west open flats, which a majority of people living in Karachi come looking for. 

Flats in Federal B area not only provides you with extensive view of the city but they are also quite light on the pocket. You can rent a 2-bedroom apartment in as low as 17 thousand and get the better facilities at the maximum rate of 35 thousand. Similarly a 3 – bedroom apartment in this area of Karachi can range from PKR 25 thousand to PKR 55 thousand.


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