Beautiful Places in Pakistan – Must Visit in Winters, 2020

Pakistani’s waits for the winter season as here summers cover maximum numbers of the month. So people enjoy winters when it comes and astonishingly relish winter holidays. There’re loads of beautiful places in Pakistan and if you’re fond of tourism then you must visit Pakistan once.

In winters people enjoys according to their traditions and way of living across Pakistan. But Pakistani’s everywhere suffers cold immensely that slay the winter season’s Luxuriation. To counteract cold, here are some tips for you, Winter Season in Pakistan – 5 tips to Prevent Cold. Well keeping control on your health, you can also plan a tremendous trip this winter. As Pakistan is rich with hospitality and there’re abundant of beautiful places in Pakistan. You can also check Northern Areas of Pakistan – Amazing Places to visit.

List of Beautiful Places in Pakistan

A beautiful place in Pakistan, Kunhar River Naran KPK

Admirably, this post comes with top beautiful places in Pakistan to visit. Pakistan is one of those nations that are honoured with the occasion to appreciate each of the four seasons. Different normal ponders that the nation has to bring to the table, captivate explorers. Winter has arrived and we present to you a rundown of 6 beautiful places in Pakistan that are an absolute necessity visit in the winter season.

  • Gorakh Hill
  • Ziarat Valley
  • Quetta
  • Murree
  • Malam Jabba
  • Many others

Let’s get into the details of these beautiful places in Pakistan thoroughly. Additionally, there are various other beautiful places in Pakistan like Nathia Gali, Kalam Valley, Cholistan Desert etc. But these are some exciting places to tour in the winter season.

Gorakh Hill

Top View of Gorakh Hill, beautiful place in Pakistan

Gorakh hill is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and located near Dadu in interior Sindh. It is the centre of attraction for the karachiwala’s and Hyderabadis as it is near to the cities.

It is arranged in the Johi taluka of Dadu region, around 450 kilometres from Karachi, and includes a level covering a territory of 2,400 sections of land of which 1,340 sections of land are in Sindh while 1,060 sections of land are in Balochistan. With charming climate and a delightful scene, it is the solitary spot in Sindh where it snows in winter. Gorakh Hill is the coldest plain in Sindh as it falls in the Kirthar Mountain range at the height of 5688 feet. You can enjoy your winter vacations through visiting Gorakh hill in your budget as its cost-friendly trip. in the winter season, you can also experience the snowfall.

There are plenty of local resorts to facilitate travellers to stay comfortably as numbers of group spot at the destination in large numbers. For Karachiwala, Gorakh hill is just located 423 km away and it takes 8 hours to reach on the drive. moreover, you can also taste the yummy food near Gorakh hill as there’re various restaurants located within the vicinity.

In winters, the snow covers the peak of mountains and the temperature reaches near to freezing point. Where you can do a little bit of trekking, relish crazy campings, bonfire and many others to make you feel fresh as well as forget the noisy urban life for a while.

Ziarat Valley

Peaceful View in Ziarat Valley

Ziarat valley is situated in the Ziarat District, Baluchistan. It is essentially a slope station that is situated at a height of 8000 feet. The valley is home to the world’s second-biggest Juniper woodland with a portion of its trees being the most seasoned on the planet. A dazzling perspective, which is surely charming, is given to the explorers when the zone is covered with a cover of snow in the colder time of year season.

It is likewise acclaimed because of snowfall in the colder time of year season a lot of sightseers came to Ziarat and savours its snowfall. Furthermore, the distance between Quetta and Ziarat is 71 KM/44.2 miles. Additionally, also famous for ziarat residency where Pakistan’s founder, Quaid e Azam lived and spent last period.

Quaid e Azam Residency in Ziarat

Sanctuary of Baba Kharwari and hallowed place of Nau Gaza Baba is also located near to ziarat valley. And an enormous number of individuals visit ziarat valley to visit sacred places to pray.


Winter View in Quetta

The most famous and familiar to everyone, the Quetta. Quetta is the most city among beautiful places in Pakistan and known for its dry fruits etc.

Even though it gets pretty cold in the colder time of year season, Quetta offers an appealing sight to the voyagers that make it an unquestionable requirement visit objective. Quetta is uncommonly excellent in the winters.


Winters in Murree

Murree is the hill station which is situated near to the capital city Islamabad and is the most famous place when it comes to travel around the country in the winter season. Located at a height of around 7,000 feet. Additionally, Murree is one of the most well-known ends of the week excursions for those living in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and other close-by zones. It is covered with rich green pine timberland and huge mountains. And it is the most beautiful place in Pakistan to visit in winters. The weather of Murree is admirable by travellers and an ideal place to visit once with friends or family.  

If you want o relish winter vacations, so don’ forget to list Murree on priority. As it is an ideal place where you can do a lot of things in winters with perfect scenery. And several restaurants and resorts are also available with desi cuisine as well as international.

Malam Jabba

Beautiful Landscape in Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is the hill station located in the Hindu Kush Mountain Area and is the most beautiful place in Pakistan to visit in winters. It is found around 50 kilometres away from the capital city of Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley. Malam Jabba likewise brags one the most mainstream ski resorts in Pakistan. The rate of travellers is increasing each year as people love the tremendous view of the landscape.

Travellers in Malam Jabba necessarily visit ski resort as it’s the most famous place in Malam Jabba. The ski resort has ski slope of about 800 meters. It is broadly known for its most noteworthy pinnacle slant, which is around 9,000 feet above ocean level. Its chairlifts, which offer an enrapturing perspective on the snow-covered valley throughout the cold weather months, is likewise an eminent vacation destination in Pakistan.

Ski skates in Malam Jabba

Well, there’re several other beautiful areas in Pakistan to visit in winters that are really difficult to enclose in the single post. But to know more about the Pakistan visit


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