How to Find Return on Investment (ROI) in Real Estate

Return on Investment is a significant tool that plays a crucial part in any business. And same as for Real Estate in Pakistan or for any country. It assists in estimating the execution of property investment. The enterprise engages numerous investors when it returns a high profit. For more, if your an investor and looking best property to invest in. Must go through Commercial Vs Residential: Where to Invest in 2020

Return on Investment (ROI) & Real estate Link?

The estimation & calculation of the earning allow by a certain investment within time is called Real Estate Investment, abbreviated as ROI. Moreover, the ratio of the accumulated investment cost after calculation & representation. It is an analysis of how substantial profit or money is earned on the investment as a ratio of the cost. 

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Furthermore, it can also pull a maximum amount of return on investment. And today, we’ll also be going to share, How to calculate the ROI against real estate investment. 

How to calculate ROI in Real Estate?

Measuring ROI in Real Estate is very crucial

Return on Investment (ROI) is a financial percentage used to measure the profit an investor will gain in association with their investment cost. This is the most commonly used formula as it’s very simple. 

ROI Formula

Moreover, you can also simply use the formula for our real estate business by the formula stated below:

ROI=(Investment Gain – Investment Cost) / Total Cost
Formula for ROI

The greater the percentage, the higher the profit earned.

As can be seen in the formula that at the beginning, we have to deduct the figure of the investment from the final value of the investment. Whereas, the figure of the investment is represented as “Investment Cost” and the final value as “Investment Gain” in the formula. And then it’s being divided by Total Investment Cost, which is the primary investment. 

However, the formula looks simple but everyone has to attentively analyse the specific cost although estimating the real estate’s ROI. These expense components may incorporate fixing and upkeep costs just as the measure of cash (counting revenue if it’s an advance) you may have acquired for investment. Every one of these costs will altogether affect ROI in Real Estate Investment.

Example of the ROI Calculation in Real Estate

If an investor buys a property that has around Rs. 500, 000 and two years later, then he/she sells the real estate for  Rs. 1,000,000.

In this scenario, we’ll use the investment gain formula as it can be seen that it was sold at double the price.


Investment Gain= 1, 000, 000

Investment Cost= 500, 000

Total Cost= 500, 000


ROI(1,000,000 – 500, 000) / 500, 000 
ROI1 0R 100%
An example to elaborate the formula

ROI Is Good or Bad, How do we know?

As a general rule, the investment with a greater ROI is the better investment. For this situation, the investment with an ROI of 40% is superior to an investment with an ROI of 5%. Nonetheless, the investment with a better yield may be more dangerous, while the investment with a lower return may be hazard-free.

If a real estate market or a property investment is in high danger, a real estate stockholder urges to focus on a better yield on investment. And if they address a low-risk real estate investment, then a curtailed ROI would be viewed as great over the long haul. 

It would appear to be then that what is a decent ROI is emotional. It takes careful examination of the real estate business sector and investment in the property to choose.

As a real estate investor, you should aim high and the good ROI in real estate falls around 10 to 12% along with the budget-busters and expenses in mind.

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