Karachi’s Top Attractive Places – Must Visit

Karachi, the city where lights never off and streets alive till night with plenty of delights and smiles. The city surrounded by dynamic and colourful things around, that are unappreciated but the beauty speaks itself which spells thousands of heart to reach themselves. The real estate in Pakistan has shown that there is not the only culture to see when comes to Karachi but it is the place for food lovers, for those who love travelling old places as well as the nature of beauty. 

Property portals in Pakistan present numbers of blogs that embrace the attractiveness of Karachi with numerous cultural peoples, diverse religions (like Muslims, Hindu, Parsi etc), impressive buildings, old cities and many others. 

Continuously ready for action, the lanes of Karachi are a racket f vivid transport, restless individuals and irresistible vitality of its day by day hustle. Karachi always becomes the attraction for tourism with its beauty and there are too much to see as it is the heart and main hub of Pakistan. 

Amazing Places to Visit in Karachi

When we think of Karachi then brain clicks snatching, messed up roads, trash all around and many other things, but Karachi still stands with the beauty that fascinates tourism. If you want to know about what’s cool in Karachi? Then you must undergo what’s written down. Moreover, you can also visit property portals in Pakistan to know more about Karachi or visit the real estate in Pakistan.

  • Clifton Sea View
  • Devils Point
  • Churna Island
  • PAF Museum
  • Port Grand
  • Turtle Beach 
  • Tooba Masjid
  • Pakistan Maritime Museum
  • Bin Qasim Park
  • Safari Park
The city of lights, Karachi

Clifton Sea-view

The most magnificent place to visit first in Karachi is Clifton or sea view as well as the main attraction of Karachi for tourist Furthermore the beach is so vast as it starts from Karachi that reaches to Ormara Balochistan. It is the best picnic point because you will find too many things to enjoy like colourful bikes to ride on, Camels and horse riding, surfing, parks to play and many other things because the beautiful sea is there to enjoy.  The sea is brimful with the relish things and this is the fact that it is always crowded. 

Find your joy in the heart of Karachi

Devil’s Point

Devils point is also known as Do Dariya, the most majestic place to visit if you are a food lover because you will find the most famous restaurants of Karachi at Do Dariya presenting their serving with the astonish view of the sea or say with the whole ambiance that will let you make some best memories. The Do Dariya is located in the Defence authority with the amazing restaurants and place to visit once. You will find all types of food like desi, BBQ, Chinese, Continental and others you want to taste. 

Every kind of food & restaurant is available here with notable atmosphere

Churna Island

If you love to dive into the sea just to glance the nature’s beauty under the sea then you must visit Churna island which is just on two hours drive from Karachi. This place attracts the people who love to jump from high into the sea, or to those who love scuba diving or snorkeling into the sea with fishes and other beauties of the sea. There is a huge rock that covers the sea around and from their people dive into the water to have fun. Moreover, there is proper security that lifeguards, proper trainer and many others.

Rightest Place for adventure

PAF Museum

This is the place for those who love aeronautical stuff like old planes, jets etc.it is handled by Pakistan Air-force where they have displayed the weapons, radars, planes and many other things with all the information of each equipment, so the people who visit there can have benefited from them. It built-in a good manner way with the park food stops and many others. 

Antique & each type of plane with all related accessories of Air-force as well as History

Port Grand

This is the most entertaining place with numerous food stalls, restaurants, things to entertain like sketching and many others. The food lovers who want to taste our food must have to visit Port grand as it is irresistible. The hub can be seen from the port grand and there is a nearby old Hindus religious place which has almost come underwater. 

Choose your favorite restaurant and dine-in with tasty cuisine

Turtle Beach

The famous picnic spot with crystal clear beach and with the silver brown sand. People go for a picnic there but it looks green and beautiful in the winter season because it is the spot where turtles come around to lay their eggs.

Beautiful view with lots of turtle on coast

Tooba Masjid

This mosque has a large domed roof and mostly known as Gol because of its rounded roof. The masjid is built up with white marble and somewhere blue. And it comes under the largest mosque around the world like its ranked number 18th that can carry 5000 people at a time.

Attractive & Alluring Masjid with round dome

Pakistan Maritime Museum 

It covers the 28 acres areas of land and it is a naval museum. It has huge past art galleries and the ambience is so modern. Here, the visitor will find the submarine and old navvy rafts also. The visitor can visit the Pakistan maritime museum from 8: 00 to 22: 00 and the tickets cost under Rs. 250 that vary according to age. The ratio of time and tickets can be seen on the real estate in Pakistan through their Property portals in Pakistan.

Nice place as can be seen in the picture

Bin Qasim Park

The Bagh Ibn Qasim is located on the Clifton beach and covers 130 acres of land which reports that it is the largest part of the city. Furthermore, it is the record also that it is being visited by over 10 million people each year. The park carries amazing rides, food spots and many other things for entertainment.

Magnificent & Graceful with various fun facilities

Safari Park

This is the most fantastic park in the city because here the visitor can enjoy the safari-like it has the zoo inside it. On the other side, the park has a chairlift ride to entertain people, lake, games like rope climbing, golf and many other things to see once in a life. 

You can find Fun, Adventure, Safari & more in this foremost place


The real estate in Pakistan has reported too many places to visit in Karachi through their property portals in Pakistan over blogs. These were some few places written above but there are too much left to write but can visit property portals in Pakistan to learn more about it as abaadee.com, the great and next level of property portal presents some blogs (abaadee.com/real-estate-blog/) related to tourism also. Some names are Mazar e Quaid, Frere Hall, Chaukhandi Tombs, Empress Market, Zamzama Park, Cape Monze Beach and many other places that you have to see if visit Karachi, the city of lights. 


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