At the point when you use Abaadee Group administrations to discover, purchase, lease or sell your home, get a home loan, or interface with a land professional, we realize you’re confiding in us with your information. We likewise realize we have an obligation to regard your security, and we endeavour to do precisely that. This approach clarifies what data we gather, why we use it, who we share it with, and how we secure it, alongside the instruments you can use to deal with your protection 


We offer a wide scope of administrations that emphasis on all phases of the home lifecycle: leasing, purchasing, selling, and home improvement. 


We realize that everybody’s home excursion is unique and that settling on the opportune spot to call home is a private, individual experience. Alongside an abundance of data about homes, neighbourhoods, economic situations, nearby realtors, and financing choices, we additionally utilize the data you offer us to offer our types of assistance and assist you with finding your next home. 


We cautiously assess how we use the information to ensure that we’re utilizing your data to offer some benefit for you. On this page, we intend to disclose all that you have to think about your security at Abaadee. On the off chance that you have any inquiries that we haven’t replied here, you can generally get in touch with us at

Database Collecetd By Abaadee

At the point when you utilize our administrations, we gather an assortment of data from and about you and your gadgets. A portion of this data recognizes you straightforwardly (like an email address) while some of it is related with you through your record, profile, or gadget (like the homes you decide to spare or your area information). 


The sort of information we gather about you relies upon how you use Abaadee. In the event that you just utilize our administrations to peruse for homes, we’ll have fewer data about you than if we assist you with selling your home, get a home loan, sign your rent, or in the event that you utilize any of our other exchange administrations. Regardless of whether you don’t have a record with us, we may, in any case, gather a few information about you, similar to your email address and telephone number on the off chance that you decide to contact a realtor through our foundation, or your IP address and other gadget data when you peruse our locales or utilize our applications.

Information through Client 

At the point when you utilize our administrations, we frequently approach you for data about yourself. This typically incorporates fundamental things like your name, email address, and telephone number. In the event that you utilize our exchange administrations, we may approach you for more delicate information like your pay, lodging history, and FICO assessment. In the event that you contribute data, for example, specialist audits, we’ll store that too. 


You may likewise give data about others through our administrations. For instance, in the event that you share a home posting with somebody, we will gather that individual’s email address as a major aspect of your record data. 


The following are a few instances of what data we gather for our principle items and administrations and how we gather it.

Abaadee Offers

Abaadee Offers expands money offers on private land in select Pakistan urban areas. On the off chance that you request a proposal on your home, we will approach you for data about you and your home. This incorporates contact data, (for example, an email address or telephone number), distinguishing data about you, and insights concerning your home. We may likewise take some photographs of your home so we recognize what kinds of fixes might be important. In the event that we consent to purchase your home, we’ll have to gather more data from you that is ordinary of any land exchange, including monetary data. 


We gather comparative contact and exchange related data from you in the event that you are keen on buying an Abaadee-claimed home. In the event that you decide to visit an Abaadee-claimed home, we gather data to confirm your personality. Abaadee may gather data about you from outsiders if necessary to check your character.

Search for Home

At the point when you utilize Abaadee’s home inquiry brands (counting Abaadee and others) to locate a home to purchase or lease, we give you bunches of devices to locate your next home. In the event that you mention to us what you’re searching for, for example, the sort of home or number of rooms, we spare that data so we can tailor your query items to what in particular you’re searching for. 


We additionally assist you with interfacing with nearby realtors, homebuilders, property administrators, contract credit officials, and other realtors. On the off chance that you decide to reach one of these aces through our foundation, we request your name, email address, and telephone number so we can contact you and associate you with the correct individual. 


You can likewise guarantee your home on Abaadee and alter home realities, for example, the area, number of restrooms, and latest redesign year. We connect the data you give to your record.

Rental Tools

You can utilize Abaadee to apply for rental lodging, sign your rent, and even compensation your lease. At the point when you decide to utilize these highlights, we gather data from you to handle your exchange. 


During the rental application measure, we gather your data like your email address and telephone number, business history, rental history, pay, and financial assessment. You can utilize our instruments to pull your credit report and criminal, personal investigation to remember for your application, however, Abaadee doesn’t store your Social Security number and we don’t gather or see the credit or historical verification reports. We join forces with Experian and Checkr to create those reports and make them accessible just to you and the landowners you decide to send them to. 


At the point when you pay your lease through Abaadee, we gather your exchange data, however, we don’t store your instalment account subtleties. Rather, we utilize confided in accomplices to gather and store that information. On the off chance that you utilize your ledger to pay your lease, our specialist organization Plaid gathers individual and monetary data from your bank or other money related foundation. By utilizing Abaadee to make your lease instalments, you are allowing Abaadee and Plaid the right, force, and power to follow up for your benefit to get to and communicate your own and money related data from the significant monetary foundation. Your data will be moved, put away, and prepared by Plaid as per the Plaid Privacy Policy. 


In the event that you sign your rent archives through Abaadee, we will gather and store your contact data, signature, and some other data contained in the rent records, which can differ by state and city.

Services for Professionals 

In the event that you are a realtor, you might have the option to associate your outsider email account, (for example, Gmail) to your Abaadee account. On the off chance that you empower that association, Abaadee will get to your messages, contacts, and settings just to offer the mentioned types of assistance to you. We don’t access or gather any of the substance of your email messages in giving interest-based publicizing. We utilize the data got from Gmail APIs just in consistence with Google’s Limited Use Requirements. 


We likewise gather your contact and instalment subtleties, alongside proficient data, for example, financier connection, related postings and deals, and authorizing history.

Data Collected from Third Parties

Abaadee gathers data from open sources, for example, district and state expense and property records, government organizations, and numerous posting administrations (or MLS). The vast majority of this data is about properties, not individuals. Yet, some data we gather, similar to the personality of a land’s owner or land permit data, may identify with people. 


We additionally gather data about you from different outsiders so as to offer better support to you, or as a feature of the business application measure. This may incorporate segment data and different qualities about you.

Automatically Collect Information 

Once you become the user of the then some certain information is collected directly by tracing and are as follows:

Activity Information

We gather data about how you use Abaadee. This incorporates things like your home inquiry history, homes you see, buy action, what you’ve tapped on and different employments of our highlights, and the measure of time you spend taking a gander at various pieces of our sites. At the point when you call or text Abaadee, or a realtor utilizing our foundation, we gather information about your call or text, including the date and season of the call or text, your telephone number, and the substance of the call or text.

Device Information

Like different sites and applications, we gather information about the programs and gadgets you use to get to Abaadee. The information we gather incorporates program or gadget model and settings, working framework, interesting identifiers, and the rendition of the application you’re utilizing. We additionally gather information about how your programs and gadgets cooperate with our administrations, including IP address, crash reports, framework movement, and the date, time, and the URL of the site you visited before Abaadee. 


You can control our assortment of specific information, for example, your cell phone model or the language your cell phone utilizes, by altering the protection and security settings on your cell phone.

Location Information

We additionally gather area data for comparable purposes from your program in the event that you empower it. You can handicap access through your program settings.

On the off chance that you empower area administrations on your cell phone, Abadee gathers the area of your gadget. We utilize that data to furnish you with area-based data and promotions, similar to homes and realtors in your general vicinity, and to offer area based administrations, such as permitting you to open and visit Abaadee Offers homes on your own timetable and asserting your home on Abaadee. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize these highlights, you can kill area administrations on your gadget. 

Cookies & others

We and our accomplices utilize different instruments to gather information when you visit our destinations and applications, including treats, pixel labels, and other comparable advancements. Treats are pieces of electronic information that can be moved to your PC or another gadget to recognize your program. 


At the point when you use Abaadee, we and our accomplices may utilize treats and different instruments to accumulate data about how you view and utilize our administrations and content, and to interface your movement with other information we store about you. The utilization of treats causes us to serve you better by understanding what you’re keen on, following patterns, estimating the adequacy of advertisements, sparing your inclinations, and putting away data you might need to recover consistently, for example, your preferred homes. We additionally permit explicit, endorsed accomplices to gather information from your program or gadget for promoting and estimation purposes utilizing their own treats or comparable devices. 


Whenever you can utilize our treat inclination devices to oversee what sorts of treats and other following advances you’re alright with. Look at our for data about how to get to these instruments. You can likewise handicap treats through and through by modifying the settings on your program. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you decide to handicap a few or all treats, numerous pieces of our administrations may not work anymore. 


Likewise, on the off chance that you give your email address to us, we may utilize a mixed, muddled structure (called a “hashed” adaptation) of your email address to convey customized promotions to you on Abaadee or on different sites, including by means of Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature or other comparable apparatuses.

Social Networks

In the event that you utilize web-based media logins (like Google and Facebook) to sign in to Abaadee, we may get to your open web-based media profile data. You can generally restrict this sharing utilizing your online media administration settings.

Commercial Information

We gather data about the items and administrations you buy or think about buying from us. This incorporates items for experts, for example, our publicizing items, just as customer administrations like Abaadee Offers.

Why Abaadee Collect your Information

Meeting Transactions

At the point when you use Abaadee to finish land exchanges, such as purchasing or selling your home, applying to rental lodging, or marking a rent, we utilize your own data to confirm your personality and measure and complete your exchange.

Enhancing Services

We utilize your data to offer our types of assistance to you. This incorporates things like getting backlist items and handling your rental application. We likewise utilize your data to improve our current administrations and grow new ones. For instance, we track how you utilize our sites and applications and utilize that data to investigate issues and alter things to improve your experience.

Improving Communication to Connect you with others

We utilize the contact data you give us, similar to your telephone number and email address, to speak with you about our administrations. This incorporates things like reacting to remarks, questions, and demands you send us. It likewise incorporates informing you of exchange or administration updates and changes. We may likewise illuminate you about our administrations, offers, advancements, news, and different updates we think might hold any importance with you. 


On the off chance that you ask us to, we likewise utilize your data to associate you to realtors, similar to when you need to contact a specialist to examine a home you find available to be purchased on our foundation.

Personalizing Experience 

We utilize the data we gather about you and your movement on our administrations to customize the administrations we offer. We likewise use it to show promoting, substance, or highlights that we figure you may like. This incorporates things like tweaked query items that coordinate your inclinations and earlier hunt standards and, in the event that you ask us to, associating you to a realtor most appropriate to support you. 


On the off chance that we realize you’re working with a specific realtor, we may share data about your spared homes and searches with that operator to let them serve you all the more adequately. You control what we share with land stars you find on our foundation.

Sharing Information

We comprehend that offering data to outsiders is a major obligation. We’re focused on sharing data just when required for an authentic business or lawful reason, and afterwards just with beneficiaries who will ensure it.

Information you require  to share

We share data when you request that we share it. For instance, in the event that you decide to contact a realtor, contract loan specialist, speculator, manufacturer, property director, or another land master through our foundation, we will send them your name and contact data. Likewise, on the off chance that you apply for rental lodging through Abaadee, your application data will be sent to the proprietors you select.

Business Partners

When Abaadee employs a specialist co-op to help work our business, we may need to give them admittance to data to offer their assistance. We permit them to utilize the data just to play out the administration we’ve requested that they perform. We vet all specialist co-ops cautiously, and Abaadee consistently stays liable for the security of your data that is imparted to our specialist organizations. 


When Abaadee accomplices with different organizations to offer items and administrations to you, we may impart data to those accomplices just varying to give those items and administrations and just subject to the details of this protection strategy.

Legal & Compliance transfer

When Abaadee needs to share information to fulfil a legitimate or administrative prerequisite, including reacting to a summon or other legal government demand for information, we will share data just as important to consent to that necessity. We’ll let you know before sharing your data in these circumstances except if we’re disallowed from doing as such. For more data about how we react to demands for information, see Government and Civil Information Requests. We may likewise share data if necessary to implement our legitimate rights, distinguish or forestall misrepresentation or security concerns, and ensure open wellbeing. 


In the event that Abaadee is associated with a merger, obtaining, or any type of move or offer of a few or the entirety of its business, regardless of whether as a going concern or as a feature of insolvency, liquidation, or comparable continuing, we may impart your data in association with that exchange.

Privacy Tools

  1. Access & Delete of information
  2. Managing cookies

Manage communication Preference

  1. Email subscription
  2. Calls & text

Protecting Information

We comprehend that regardless of how we gather your data, we have an obligation to ensure it. We pay attention to that obligation. We incorporate security with our items and highlights from the beginning to help shield information from unapproved access, revelation, adjustment, and annihilation. 


We’re continually searching for dangers and find a way to react to those dangers, ensuring the data clients share with us. Obviously, no technique for Internet transmission or information stockpiling can give ensured insurance to your data. In the event that anything ought to ever happen to your data, we’ll let you know when we can and attempt our best to make it right. 


Abaadee is situated in Pakistan and the data we gather is administered fundamentally by Pakistan’s law. Where we are dependent upon the protection laws of different nations, we follow those necessities. In the event that you access or utilize our administrations or give data to us, your data will be handled and put away in the United States, where you might not have similar rights and securities as you do under your nearby law.

Legal disclosure

In this area, we’ve given some legitimately required divulgences under state protection laws. There shouldn’t be anything astounding in this segment, and we’ve attempted to clarify our security rehearses in plain English all through the remainder of the approach. 


  • The option to know the classes of individual data we’ve gathered and the classifications of sources from which we got the data (see Information gathered by Abaadee and the graph just beneath) 
  • The option to realize the business purposes for sharing individual data (see Why Abaadee utilizes your data) 
  • The option to know the classifications of outsiders with whom we’ve shared individual data (see Sharing your data) 
  • The option to get to the particular bits of individual data we’ve gathered and the option to erase your data (see Privacy instruments and decisions) 
  • California inhabitants additionally reserve the privilege to not be oppressed on the off chance that they decide to practice their protection rights.