Palm Villas, Lahore is a project approved by the LDA, sitting across from Main Canal Road, south of GT Road, in front of Sozo Waterpark. The community offers nearly all the residential features, including schools, water, high-end security, modern sewerage system, gas and electricity connections, recreation centres hospitals,  underground power cabling, and parks. The neighbourhood is a dynamic blend of urban, safe, and comfortable lifestyle that offers the supreme and nearly ideal residential experience while meeting global living standards.

Palm Villas is popular among well-heeled investors, and people who are looking for low-budget properties can go for it too. It offers a flexible cash and instalments payment schedule, making it a suitable option for any potential buyer. This project offers moderately priced and well-designed residential property for sale which also includes houses and flats.


  • Gated community with the highest safety standards
  • Underground power, TV cable, and internet connections
  • Highly processed and well-furnished housing facilities
  • Exquisite layout and cutting edge planning
  • An elegant, reformed and comfortable lifestyle
  • Boasts hospital, schools, and parks
  • Looks like a profitable and stable investment prospect
  • Up-to-date sewerage system






Palm Villas residents consider living in the city fairly easy and pleasant if their own transportation, they can also consider public transportation near Palm Villas, Lahore, without any fuss. In addition, residents can book rides to and from the community through numerous ride-sharing app. But, you might suggest reading some short tips on utilizing app-based ride-sharing services before you book your trip.

As for nearby bus stops, it will take you about 13 minutes to get to Qazi Town Bus Stop located in Qazi Town. Next, Service Road Bus Stop, situated on Mominpura Service Road. The Wahgrian Bus Stop is located on BRB East Bank in Wahgrian.

Concerning the metro bus station, they are located at quite a distance.  Which include Canal Metro Bus Station, located on Ferozepur Route, approximately half an hour away from Gulberg III, Ichara Metro Bus Station and Shama Metro Bus Station both are approx half an hour on Ferozepur Road, Ichhra. 

Orange Line Train Islam Park Station is the nearest metro station and can be reached in an 18-minute drive. It is located in Wagha City, on the Grand Trunk Route. Orange Line Metro Trains have been one of Lahore’s convenient and quick commute options.




To complete society with all its features one prominent aspect is access to the market. It is to be believed that once Palm Villas is properly populated, various markets and shops will be established in the community for the convenience of the residents. However, in the meantime, visiting the markets close Palm Villas, Lahore, can not be such a challenge.

Nadeem Market, located in Devioura Daroghe Wala and Mian Muneeb Market, is about 26 minutes away on Theri Road, Akbar Colony, Wagha Town. In 25 minutes you can hit Askari A-Block Station, situated at 300 Street 9, Sector-A, Block A Askari X. It contains a wide variety of consumer products, convenience shops, many pubs, and beauty salons. Nevertheless, it takes approximately half an hour to hit the practical Rehmat Market in Gulistan-e-Rah, Taj Bagh, Phase 3, Manzoor Colony, where you can find a range of markets.

Different city markets near Palm Villas Lahore includes The Barkatullah Awan Market in Attoke Awa. It sells general products and daily foodstuffs. Mian Building Material Store in phase 4 of Al-Rehman Garden. At the same time, Afzal Imran Building Material Store and Madni Market are some stories where you can buy everyday groceries items these markets comes in handy.

Moreover, Irfan market near GT Road and Ali Market in Gulshan Haider Scheme is known as they sell basic commodities along with cloths of Female, Male and Children. Haji Maqbool Market is another market that sells regular accessories. All of these markets can be reached in around 20 minutes.

The Liberty Market, located at Gulberg III, 1 Noor Jehan Road. Highly visited, Liberty Market is an ideal shopping destination, and one of Lahore’s largest markets. Likewise, Vegetable & Fruit Market, located on Singhpura, Allah Rakha Market, located in Mehr Abad Ali Park Lahore Cantt, and Barkat Market, operating in Commercial Area. The latter two offer simple goods and essential accessories.

These are some of the famous markets that come in handy in the time of need. The residents of Palm Villas, Lahore experience feasibility while they are out and about to shop for their grocery or even cloths.




Presence of mosque at close proximity is something that every resident ask for and surely this is something that helps a buyer choose his future home. In this case, the residents of Palm Villas, Lahore got lucky as they have a number of mosque surrounding them. the Jam-e-Masjid Haramain, situated at a distance of 5 minutes from Sozo Waterpark. Next, come to Al Hafeez Garden Mosque located in Bata Pur, that takes only 3 minutes to reach. There are some other mosques too that are situated at a feasible distance and are easy to reach on foot.

Some of them are Jamia Masjid Haideri Barelvi is sited on GT Road Hussainpura and Bahar-e-Madina Masjid and Masjid Ahle-Hadees is located on Jallo Park Access Road. While Jamia Masjid Bahar-e-Madina and  Haidri Masjid are both located in Rampura.




The provision of educational services for all individuals and developers in or at least adjacent to the residential environment allows it more valuable, smarter, and more favorable. As with many facilities, you can conveniently navigate a multitude of schools, colleges, and universities within close proximity to Palm Villas, Lahore.

The closest school is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious private education schools, Allied School, It is situated next to Sozo Waterpark, IBL Housing Scheme, on Main Canal Lane. In addition, two well-known campuses, namely Brightway Lyceum School and Dar-e-Arqam College are located near Sozo Water Park, can be reached within a few minutes from IBL Housing Scheme. Other than that  Pak Talent Grammar School and The Enricher School are both well-known schools in the vicinity and are opted by most of the people due to its curriculum and save distance.

There are some other schools which you can go to if you are a resident of that area or you are thinking about moving to that area. Apart from this Trust Grammar School, Queen English Secondary School, A.G.S School System and Learning Star School (LSS) are some popular names of schools that are sited in Manawan.

Lastly, Fatima Foundation High School and Brookfield Group of Schools are located near Fahad Town.

Lahore is also home to a multitude of colleges and universities, and luckily for people living in Palm Villas, Lahore, many common names are easily reachable. Some well-recognized neighborhood colleges are:


  • Kingston College, situated on 1 Canal Road Jallo, Khaira.
  • Lahore College of Business, located near Main Canal Road Khera Pul, Jallo.
  • IPL Computer College And Academy, located near Doce Bakers, Rampura.

The above colleges are known best for their courses and well reputed professors. Other than that, IPL computer college is also an academy that prepares students for board examinations and also offers several DAE programs and IT courses which include AutoCAD, MS Office, programming, and graphic designing.

Moving on towards the prestigious colleges near Palm Villas, Lahore there are three colleges that can be reached with in the time period of 15 minutes or so. The names of colleges include Concordia College, located on Main Canal Road, Aspire College, situated on Service Road in Qazi Town and Superior Group of Colleges, located in Fahad Town. All of these colleges have a recognized reputation in the education business and thus it is essential to have such colleges as close proximity. ILM College based on Service Road, Harbanspura, Govt. Degree College sited in Bata Pur and Govt. Islamia College for Boys situated near Ghaziabad, Kumharpura are all reachable within the timespan of 30 minutes or less.

Lahore ‘s prominent and esteemed universities, such as the University of South Asia and University of Engineering & Technology, located on GT Road, Staff Houses Engineering University, one of Lahore’s largest engineering universities, take approximately half an hour drive to access them.

The Lahore College of Physical Therapy, situated on Canal Bank Road in the Lahore Medical Housing Society. The National College of Business Administration & Economics (NCBAE) moves towards nearby universities and is the closest institution and one of the best for higher degrees. It’s accessible from Mian Aziz Garden, Batapur, GT Road-Burki Road Connection, Khaira. Alternatively, Lahore Medical & Dental School, situated in Tuslpura, Canal Street, is about 13 minutes drive. Gujrat University is situated close to Taj Bagh Bridge Harbanspura, Main Canal Bank, Service Route. Nevertheless, LUMS, identified as one of Lahore ‘s best business colleges, is located in DHA Phase 5 opposite Sector U, Noor College of Business & Sciences, located in Harbanspura Interchange, Lahore Press Club Housing Scheme, will take you 20 minutes to reach and Veterinary and Animal Science University, located on Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Street. Whereas, Pakistan’s Virtual University, situated on Jehangir Road in Nabi Pura, can be reached in 23 minutes.

These are the names of some reputed and prominent educational system.


Banks are of vital significance in our lives so much so that without their presence we can not foresee carrying out our financial dealings. That said, very a few banks are in the vicinity of Palm Villas, Lahore, which is helpful and favourable for its people. In addition, many common banks’ ATM booths are within easy reach. These include Allied Bank-ATM, near Sozo Waterpark and Sindh Bank’s ATM in Jallo More. other than that Bank Al Habib (Munawan Branch), located on GT Road in Manawan.

It will take you around 7 minutes to hit the HBL office, operational near Bata Plant, Bata Officers Colony. However, there are approximately four banks at an 11-minute drive from Palm Villas. These are Allied Bank, located opposite Lahore Medical and Dental College, Bank Al Falah Ltd., located on Service Road, Attoke Awan, United Bank Limited (UBL), located near Bata Factory, and Bata Pur-based Faysal Bank Limited (Manawan Branch).


In almost every corner of the city, Lahore boasts multiple health care facilities. The value of health care services in the region of the residential settlement may be measured by the reality that the area with clinics and hospitals is more competitive in the eyes of developers and consumers than the area without them. Fortunately, there are several clinics and hospitals in the area of Palm Villas, Lahore.

Following is the list of hospitals which are established in a close proximity

  • Shaheen Clinic in Jallo More near Bata Pur
  • Government Shahbaz Sharif Hospital sited on Bedian Road, Lidher.
  • Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital is located on Band Road, Jallo More.
  • Manawan Hospital is found on Service Road, Manawan.
  • Surgimed Hospital, situated on Zafar Ali Road, Gulberg 5.
  • Shalamar Hospital, located on Shalimar Link Road, Shalimar Larechs Colony

There are a plethora of private clinics in the vicinity such as Muzaffar Clinic & Medical Shop, the Malik Family Clinic is situated on Jallo Lane, is around 9 minutes away from Jallo More. Other general clinics near Palm Villas, Lahore include Ahmed Clinic in Rampura and Shaheen Clinic in Jallo More. Coming towards the Eye Clinic in the locality includes Javaid Eye and Medical Centre.





When you have established your housing or investment targets, the next move is to carefully examine the specific area ‘s recent property patterns. It is essential to keep an eye on your desired area’s current market patterns as it will ultimately help you choose the correct property to get the greatest return on your investment. We’ve briefly described Palm Villas, Lahore’s sales price demographics to make your property investment decision making the procedure less complicated and more reasonable.



There are several houses for purchase in Palm Villas, Lahore. Those primarily comprise 3 marla buildings, and some 5 marla rooms, and 10 marla houses. The price of 3 marla houses begins at about PKR 34.95 lakh and hits a height of PKR 67.5 lakh. But, from PKR 82 lakh and PKR 90 lakh 5 marla houses can be purchased anywhere. As for 10 marla rooms, you will keep in mind a budget of about PKR 1.75 to 2 crore. Such freshly designed family houses offer all the facilities and services, which come with finishes which fittings of high quality. These often feature captivating interiors and external elevations, while appealing shapes and textures exude in bathrooms and kitchens.



You can buy a plot in Palm Villas, Lahore which is available in various region sizes and differing prices to create your dream house. For eg, 5 marla plots in Palm Villas, Lahore have a value bracket of PKR 35 lakh to PKR 45 lakh for sale. 3 Marla being the smallest region sized plot has prices spanning from PKR 21.5 to PKR 24 lakh. In addition, buyers interested in building a big home can get 10 marla residential plots in the community. Plots around retail centers, key boulevard and services are listed at the highest.



Rental prices for properties in Palm Villas, Lahore differ as rental payments are strongly affected by the venue, furniture, region sizes and other features.



The rented houses in Palm Villas, Lahore have different monthly rental charges. The rent depends on not only the sizes of the property, but also on the number of beds, the position within the community, the state of the unit involved, and whether it is a semi- or completely furnished house.





Living in Palm Villas may be ideal for shopaholics as they would have connections to some of the city’s finest retail destinations. Residing next to the shopping centers is still convenient and beneficial. You can not only fulfill your purchasing needs, but you can also spend some quality time with your friends while doing so. As these malls comes with food court it won’t be wrong to say that most people would definitely look for their feasibility to reach malls while considering to buy a house.

Near to Palm Villas, Lahore, are a few tiny shopping centers and malls. Ali Plastic Furniture Center is a perfect place to shop for elegant, well-designed furniture. It takes 8-minute drive to get to Makkah Tower Super Store. It is a small shopping centre that lets people purchase a range of food, clothing and household items specific to them. Some grocery stores include Zara Super Mart and GM Cash & Carry, in Attoke Awan.

Lastly, Lahore has vast and beautiful malls that are not far from Palm Villas. Such as Fortress Square Mall in Fortress Stadium, Saddar Town, the Mall of Defense in DHA, Rehman Gardens, Lahore Mall and New Auriga Shopping Mall are some prominent name of Malls of Lahore.



Palm Villa adjacent neighbourhoods have a strong range of restaurants and cafes where people will love to come and spend an enjoyable period.

Keeping that in mind Palm Villas residents don’t even have to travel far in search of restaurants and diners since there are quite a number of restaurants and bakeries close to the city.

Foodies fond of conventional Pakistani dishes can select from several choices. They may either go to Punjab Tikka, BRB Restaurant, or Sorriso Grilled-Mughal Foods. All these restaurants are just a couple of minute’s drive away. They are a fantastic spot at affordable rates for getting an outstanding bbq meal or karahi beef, daal fry, tikka, as well as other delicacies of chicken and mutton. They offer well-cooked barbecue and desi meals, in particular malai boti, beef kebab, and seasoned beef burgers.

Some of the popular names in this business include

  • Al Munawar Foods, based in Jallo More.
  • Fatima Wajid Restaurant, located in Al-Rehman Garden Phase 4.
  • Mitthu Burger & Shawarma Point, based in IBL Housing Scheme
  • Fri-Chicks, located on Jallo Park Access Road.
  • Mehnaz Zinger Point, situated on Service Road, Fahad Town
  • Marhaba Restaurant & Fish Corner, located on Service Road, Manawan.

Going for the closest bakeries, the nearest is around four of them. Which include the Dograe Kalan Gourmet Bakery, Kamran Sweets & Bakers, Bismillah Bakery, and the Attoke Awan Doce Bakery. All of these bakeries are known for their freshly baked goods.



A handful of leisure facilities and wellness centres can also be found close Palm Villas, Lahore. Palm Villas inhabitants will rarely be separated from gyms and leisure amenities as the population would soon have more of them.

Residents have several choices to pick from which includes local exercise centres. For example, they can go to Xtreme Fitness Studio, located near Manawan Stop and Attoke Awan ‘s Fitness Alley can be reached in 15 minutes. While the Lahore Medical Housing Society’s Shape Up Fitness Gym is about 13 minutes drive. It might take about half an hour, however, to reach three more fitness centers including Fitness Studio Gym, Crown Fitness Club, and ZS Fitness Gym.

All of the above-listed gyms offer new equipment, professional teachers and a monthly accessible membership plan.


It’s an asset unlike any other to have a green space or nature repair close your home, be it a local lake, beach or waterpark. Luckily, Palm Villas is constructed in such a way that there is plenty of greenery and scenic natural beauty throughout the neighborhood.

In addition, several other parks are situated close Palm Villas, Lahore, Canal Night Park (Jallo), Bismillah Housing Scheme Main Park and Children Park are a few examples of it. Palm Villas residents are indeed lucky to have Sozo Waterpark close their doorstep, too. The waterpark, which is definitely a full and fun-filled leisure spot for children and adults alike is a part of the IBL Housing Scheme.


Not only it’s about improving your appearance, but with the aid of qualified beauty centres, you can even get rid of any of the minor skin care problems. This is why neighbouring salons and spas should be open. When the Palm Villas community continues to see a population increase, such a major amenity would be added as well. Meanwhile, you should take advantage of the salons in neighbouring communities.

You may also take advantage of the availability of beauty salons close Palm Villas, Lahore, in addition to other amenities. In this regard some of the prominent names include:

  • Raheel Hair Salon, located on Jallo Park Access Road
  • Schonheit Gents Beauty Salon, functional on Service Road in Jallo More Dograe Kalan.
  • Al Haram & Ayesha’z Beauty Salon, located in Lahore Medical Housing Society.
  • Al-Bakht  Beauty Salon, situated on Taj Bagh Scheme.
  • Ali Hair Salon, based in Hajvery Housing Scheme
  • Ragu Hair Salon, based in New Abadi Harbanspura.



Cinepax has its cinema chain distributed across Lahore as well as across other towns. Cinepax Cinema is host to Fortress Square Shopping Center, which is located on the second floor. The theatre features sound and screens of high quality, where movie-goers have the ultimate experience in comfortable seating. Whereas, CineStar Cinema ATC is situated on the second floor of Ali Trade Center on MM Alam Avenue. This is also one of Lahore ‘s popular cinemas with state-of-the-art, completely air-conditioned theatres. Lastly, Imperial Cinemas in the Imperial Mall on Burki Road is best known for its modern design and calm ambience.


Close to Palm Villas, Lahore are a significant number of residential societies and key parts of the capital. Here are only a few instances illustrated. Khaira can be reached in 6 minutes, and IBL Housing Scheme in 7 minutes. Bata Officers Colony and Canal Fort II can be reached in barely 5 minutes. Al Rehman Garden Phase 4 and Jallo More can, therefore, be reached in approx. Nine minutes. Certain local sites include Rizwan Gardens and Lahore Medical Housing Society.


There are still quite a number of essential services in the community to be fixed as the development work is still underway. Residents are likely to suffer from initially unavailability of some vital resources and amenities because of this purpose. This issue will be settled fairly soon, however. Another consideration is the property prices, which are subject to a future rise. This is because a steep increase in demand is expected for the properties in Palm Villas. In addition, residents with their transportation can travel conveniently within and outside of society as public transportation is a bit far away.

Are you looking to rent or buy property in Palm Villas, Lahore ?




The factors that add stars to the importance of the location of Palm Villas, Lahore is its few minutes distance from Sozo Waterpark, Botanical and Jallo Garden.

Apart from that BRB Picnic Point is also mere 10 minutes away and the residents of Palm Villa Lahore can also visit Sakhi Peer Gilani Shrine due to its close proximity.