Shopping Malls in Karachi – Top 4

Karachi is the city of lights and the metropolitan city of Pakistan with numbers of Famous places. Millions of peoples visit Pakistan to see natural beauty and enjoy the taste of the culture. Where Karachi is the focus of attraction which offers visitors magnificent treats in food, top shopping malls, expressions, music and many others. Karachi is also the centre of the monetary movement of Pakistan or says the main hub which pays 75% of the economy.

If you’re new to Karachi, must-visit Karachi’s Top Attractive Places – Must Visit to enjoy nature’s gift. If you want to see history, so there are a lot of places that remind each individual about past time. For that visit, The Most Impressive Buildings in Karachi. in Karachi people are fond of shopping and there are a lot of places where you can go enjoy shopping in Karachi. there are a lot of old markets like Sadar, soldier Bazar etc. But now Karachi has plenty of top shopping malls where you can find each and everything. Like in shopping malls you will find every brand you love to wear, you can enjoy various eatery, games etc.

List of Top Shopping Malls in Karachi

In Karachi, there are various shopping malls but some stand different. Their presence speaks loud through appearance, offerings and much more. Following are the list of shopping malls in Karachi with their locations and contact details.

S. NoShopping Malls in KarachiAddress
1Lucky One MallLA-2/B, Block 21, Main Rashid Minhas Rd, opp. UBL Sports Complex, Block 21 Gulberg Town, Karachi
2Dolmen Mall1. Sharah-e-Sher Shah Suri, Block C North Nazimabad Town
2. 10 Tariq Rd, Delhi Society Delhi CHS PECHS
3. Dolmen City, HC-3, Marine Promenade, Block 4 Clifton
3Ocean MallG-3, Scheme No. 5, Main Clifton Road, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi
4Atrium Mall249 Staff Lines Zaibunnisa Street, Saddar, Karachi
Address’s of each shopping mall in Karachi.

Brief Introduction of Shopping Mall in Karachi

let’s dive into the brief details about malls in Karachi where you can go and enjoy your leisure time.

1. Lucky One Mall

Top Shopping Mall in Karachi

A most sensational shopping mall in Karachi – Lucky One Mall, the yes lucky one is the most famous mall in Karachi and more than it, the biggest mall in Karachi. It is a huge shopping centre with a focal chamber offering worldwide brands and eateries. Additionally, it offers a proper area for fun and gaming. Moreover, it offers the wonderland for the young ones and adventurous rides for teenage or for whom, they love to taste the adventure. The exciting factor is the mall allows the biggest cinema to entertain the gentry also.

lucky One mall is the first shopping mall in Karachi which allows separate parking areas for cars & bikes. Lucky one Mall contains 200 retails within one mall. The ambience of the mall allows a luxurious and tranquil environment.

People can enjoy at maximum level as it’s the place where you can taste numerous eateries either local or international. more than it, the mall is not only for shopping purpose but it offers exhilarating adventurous rides and much more. It is 100% surety that you will never feel bore when visit lucky one mall.

2. Dolmen Mall in Karachi

Best Shopping Mall with various branches & one near to beach

Dolmen Mall is the most prominent name when it comes to a shopping mall in Karachi. It has numbers of branches around the city of lights to entertain and to offer everything in one place. Dolmen mall in Karachi comes with famous brands of clothing, footwear etc. the gentry meets all needs from one mall where they can also enjoy a variety of eateries as well as is the source of other entertainments.

Each brand is available in the mall with plenty of services to comfort the gentry. either it is related to cloth, footwear, crockery, jewellery, fragrance or others. Gentry spots the shopping malls mostly for the shopping purpose but these types of malls are the source of entertainments, too. and that is the reason, thousands of footfalls at the shopping mall.

Dolmen mall in Karachi is located on the most famous marketplaces for the ease of the gentry. Most people suffer car parking issues at such rush places but Dolmen mall falls under the luxurious mall’s list which creates the maximum level of ease for the gentry. Yes, Dolmen mall offers proper car parking area along with security to meet maximum level of satisfaction.

One major factor is that attracts people to visit Dolmen mall is that it offers both brands either national or international.

3. Ocean Mall

Shopping mall with great exterior as well as inter, Ocean Mall

The glory of the spot is simply intriguing for the individuals who will visit this shopping centre. This multistory shopping complex is a treat for individuals who have an affection for shopping. This shopping mall holds 28 floors over the ground and 5 under it.

Like other top shopping malls in Karachi which are being listed, it also carries each offering to meet the satisfaction level of the gentry. Additionally, this is to maintain and increase the footsteps towards the mall. Ocean Mall provides ample luxurious atmosphere along with cinema within it.

4. Atrium Mall

Shopping Mall with excellent offering, Atrium Mall

Atrium Mall and Cinemas is arranged in the core of Saddar, a town focal piece of Karachi that structures a significant part of the chronicled provincial centre of the city. The intricate houses 3D films, a food court and in excess of 100 retail sources!

To wrap things up goes to the ‘Atrium Mall and Cinema’. This Mall, a grounded shopping centre in Karachi should be on the rundown of all the shopping darlings without a doubt.

Being the busiest market of Karachi, it appreciates an ideal place and draws in a lot of business. The vital appeal of this spot, aside from shopping is its in-house film, particularly during the ends of the week when this spot is amassed by hundreds and thousands of individuals who need to watch a film and make some extraordinary memories hanging out. With various quick nourishments and diners consolidated at the food court, Atrium Mall is probably the greatest fascination in the city of lights.

In the End

Well, these are some of the famous malls in Karachi but these are not just. Karachi is the metropolitan city and holds several other famous shopping malls in Karachi like them. Such as Forum and others. If you are new to Karachi and want to select an area to live in, then visit Real Estate in Pakistan – Important Factors to Consider or Real Estate Blog or contact Pakistan Estate Agents


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