The vision of Naya Pakistan Housing, a landscape of opportunities for Construction SMEs and Housing for all

Source: Federal Government Employees Housing Authority

Since, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to ABAD (Association of Builders And Developers) before elections were announced his vision of cheap housing for the masses of Pakistan if he gets a chance by winning elections, with then-Chairman ABAD Mr Arif Jeewa, Prime Minister Imran Khan. After winning the elections PM Imran Khan announced his vision for affordable housing for all the citizens of Pakistan specially those who belong to the lower-income segment of the society, housing sector additionally contributes a great deal in the economic growth. Real Estate sector spins the wheel for 72 industries directly and indirectly, including Paints, Tiles, Steel, Cement, Masonry Work, Steel Works, Decor, Lighting, Home Appliances, Woodworks, Furniture, Glass Works, Marketing, Architecture, Civil Works, Ceilings, Floorings, Windows, Marbles and Construction stones, and many  . Naya Pakistan Housing Program headed by Lieutenant-General Anwar Ali Haider (Retd) and task force headed by Federal Minister for Housing Ch. Tariq Bashir Cheema and Chairman NADRA incorporating technology for registration and online payments. 

Source: Dawn International Newspaper

How to register for Naya Pakistan Housing Program:

Registrations for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program has been started from July 15th, 2019 which will end in the next three months. You can Logon to: for registrations. You can easily register for Naya Pakistan Housing Program by using your CNIC number and filling out the registration form with the registration fee of just Rs. 250. Two-step registration process is as follow: 

STEP 1: Fee Payment: Pay Online or by visiting the nearest e-sahulat, EasyPaisa, or any Jazz Cash Franchise. 

STEP 2: Submit the Registration Form: Fill the registration form online and complete registration.  

This is the link for the registration form:

Also, registration can be done by visiting E-Sahulat Center of NADRA, to avoid queues fill the form by downloading it online. Due to its effortless and trouble-free process, anyone can fill it and register themselves. Also, help poor and underprivileged people around you to register so that they can have their own home. The whole concept is social, which helps elevate the impoverished. 

After the hiring of the contractors and balloting for the houses, final candidates have to pay 10% for the 3 marla and 5 marla houses. 

Status of the New Employment and Business Generation Through NPHS:

Naya Pakistan Housing is an opportunity for a lot of businesses and it will elevate the employment opportunities if authorities will be able to market and plan it well. Prime Minister’s  vision of vertical growth and greener cities is great. So, these are real example for government to achieve Sustainable Development Goals for Pakistan. Contractors from all across the world are seeing it as an opportunity to dive in, and this will increase FDI in Pakistan. Labor and major workforce will be hired from Pakistan, while only highly skilled and technical resources will be hired from these foreign experts. This will also raise the standard for Pakistani workforce and train the local resources. Real Estate sector is one of the growth igniter sectors in the economy, therefore this dream project will not just raise the standard of living, it will also boost economic growth and new revenue streams for government. 


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