Top Rental Areas In Karachi

Karachi is the financial engine of Pakistan’s recovering economy. It is also the biggest city of Pakistan. With increasing number of population, the real estate in this city is rising enormously. As buying a property requires a lot of financial balance, people are opting more towards rentals.

Let’s look into the most popular areas  in Karachi to rent a house that will ease your queries


Gulistan e Johar is considered a prime location by the locals of this city. As this area shares the least distance with the Jinnah Avenue and also with Sharah-e-Faisal. This area is situated in the middle of this city making every other area easily accessible. 

This area is an ideal location to rent a house as it is adjacent to the top universities of this city and that makes the route easier for many people. Also as this area lies on the eastern part of this city it is an easy link to many other localities of this city. 

If you are looking for a house to rent in this area you must have a minimum budget of PKR 30 thousand and it can go all the way up to PKR 90 thousand or PKR 1.5 lakh depending on the area per square yd or the use of status of that house i.e domestic or commercial. 

If you are the one with small family and looking for a bijou residence then you should opt for flats as they are comfortable and low on budget. A flat in this area might cost you around PKR15 thousands to PKR85 thousands. Depending on the number of bedrooms they provide and the area per square feet. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town:

The people of this area cherish their central location in this city. Gulshan-e-Iqbal has easy access to the most popular restaurant outlets, shopping avenues, well-maintained parks and entertainment resource. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal is situated at a place that gives it easy access to Karsaz, Bahadurabad, KDA and Gulistan-e-Jauhar. This area comprises of 19 blocks. 

Gulshan-e-Iqbal is an ideal location of you like to witness the magnificence and sparkle of this city. If you are hunting for a house to rent in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. You can find it for as low as PKR 25 thousand and it can go up till PKR 60 thousand for a 120 sq yd house. But a 240 sq yd house can pull your budget off till PKR 55 thousand to PKR 1.5 lakh. 

DHA Karachi:

DHA is the most urbanized and posh housing society of Karachi. DHA consists of 8 blocks in total and it faces the beautiful view of sea view. This area of karachi is known for its modernized houses and facilities. DHA is surrounded by Malls, restaurants and entertainment options. It also offers its residents with an unmatched and high quality standards of living. 

DHA is one expensive area of karachi, but it comes with all the facilities of modern day. Either furnished homes or well maintained parks they have it all for you. 

People are looking for rental houses in this area as it fulfill their requirement of living. If you are looking to rent a house in this area you must uphold a budget of 

PKR 90 thousand to PKR 1.5 lakh for a 120 sq yd house. A house of 250 sq yd can cost you around PKR 1.4 lakh to PKR  2.7 lakh. 


Nazimabad is one of the oldest areas of karachi. It was the hub of cultural and intellectual activity in karachi. And still it encompasses famous markets of karachi. Nazimabad shares nearest enroute with business of karachi i.e New Karachi. Nazimabad was home for elites for many years until they moved to better housing societies. 

Nazimabad consists of 7 block 1-5 of them are residential units and Block 6 and Block 7 consists of the commercial areas. It is now affordable, middle class housing area. 

If you are planning to rent a house in this area you must pen down your budget. If you are looking for a 120 sq yd house you must have a budget of around PKR 15 thousand to PKR 40 thousand. And for a 240 sq yd house your budget could rise from PKR 30 thousand uptill PKR 80 thousand. But for 400 sq yd house you must expand your budget from PKR 60 thousand to PKR 2.5 lakh. 

If you are opting for comfortable and yet economical space for your living you should reach for flats. A 2 bedroom flat in Nazimabad will cost you 15 thousand to PKR 30 thousand. And a 3 to 4 bedroom flat will cost you around PKR 30 to PKR 40 thousand.

North Karachi:

North Karachi is surrounded by areas like Manghopir, Lyari river, Gadap Town and Surjani Town. It is engloped with cultural diversity as it settles people from different sectors all within. 

North karachi centers the commercial area of karachi. It consist of 16 sectors and those are divided into sub-sectors A,B,C,D and E. It is an affordable area to live in, particularly for lower and middle income groups. 

If you are searching for a rental house in new karachi, you must have a budget of PKR 25 thousand to PKR 60 thousand for a 120 sq yd house. For a 240 sq yd house it can cost you about PKR 35 thousand to PKR 60 thousand. And the price goes up as the area increases along with the facilities. 


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