Wooden Flooring – Pros & Cons

Wooden flooring appeals most of the people as of the splendid quality that may also increase the house for sale or rent worths. People have various choices when it comes to floorings such as tile flooring, mosaic flooring and many other options too with high quality plus variations. But wooden-floors are such type of flooring that attract most of the people due to its stylish as well as classic glance. 

Wooden-floors are not only attractive but they also add value to the real estate as well as wooden-flooring are very easy to install that might not bother much when renewing your home decor as compare to others.

Moreover, wooden type flooring is also enduring and feasible if correlates with other options like marble or others. It can be said that wooden floors promote green environment or say non-polluting that can easily be recycled.

Types of Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring also comes in different types but the following are the foremost kinds of wooden flooring used in Pakistan:

  1. Laminate Wood Floor
  2. Vinyl Wood Floor
  3. Parquet Wood Floor
  4. Solid Wood Floor

These are some of the most used wooden floors options in Pakistan. 

Pros & Cons of Wooden Floorings

Everything has advantages & disadvantages but it depends on us that how we evaluate them. Same as Installing a wooden flooring also do have various pros and cons but some are listed below to help. 

Pros of Wooden Flooring

When pondering pros of the wooden floor you will find pros like:

1. Variety of Style

Variety of Wooden Flooring

When you decide to install wooden flooring, then you can enjoy multiples of benefits and the first most attractive benefit is that it comes in various styles. It is truly adaptable sort of deck and accessible in numerous styles as well as in tones when it comes to wood. When you contact your contractor for wooden flooring then you can enjoy extraordinary board size, wood type, explicit shades and many others. 

With regards to the wooden material, here are some lovely determinations:

  • Hickory
  • Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Cypress
  • Cherry
  • Oak

And there are many other types of wooden flooring is available in the market.

2. Add More Home Value

Wooden flooring add value to the house

Does hardwood increases or add more value to the house? Yes, hardwood increases the value of a home due to it’s stylish and glamorous look, high ROI (return on investment) that you don’t have to fold-up your carpets when leaving the house but you leave a wooden flooring which ultimately increases the house for sale worth as wooden floors compels everyone to buy the house with classic flooring and flooring do matter for everyone. 

3. Easy to Maintain

Wooden Flooring is easy to maintain

To maintain wooden flooring is much easier than any other flooring because it is easy to clean to sustain its value that will keep the flooring new.  You just have to vacuum the floor and mop it for cleaning purpose but if water, juice or any liquid drops on the floor, clean it immediately to prevent damage. 

4. Enhance Interior

Wooden Flooring enhance the interior

Hardwood looks splendid and gives your home a vibe of tastefulness and warmth for a long time to come. Other deck materials will in a general blur after some time, yet not hardwood. This is particularly evident if you pick a temporary worker that introduces top-notch wood flooring. Talking about tasteful allure, wooden ground surface likewise coordinates any bit of inside stylistic layout. Present-day or natural — it doesn’t make a difference.

5. Sustainable

Hardwood can be sustained for a long period, although for the first time it requires high investment to install the wooden flooring. But an interesting point is hardwood can be maintained for a long period along with the glamorous appearance. 

Cons of Wooden Flooring

There is nothing in the world which only has pros only, everything holds some cons as well as pros. So here are some of the disadvantages of the wooden floor.

1. Inclined to Water Damage

Risk of water damage on wooden flooring

Since wood is a natural material, it is defenseless to water harm. Inability to dry your floors quickly will bring about staining, raised edges, and clasping. Every one of these results of water harm lead to an early substitution. Make certain to connect with a water harm rebuilding subject matter expert if your wooden floors get absorbed rising water.

On the off chance that there is no flooding, you can essentially dry out the floors by vacuuming and setting your fans on to the max. The main drawback is that the cycle can be tedious. It might take a whole day relying upon the zone that requires drying.

2. High Risk of Scratch

Wooden Flooring may cause lots of scratches

When it comes to the wooden flooring then there is also the high risk of scratches on the floor that might decrease the elegance of the floor. Well, you can deal with the scratches easily through applying something like a paste of wax to fill up the scratch, varnish or other to prevent scratch. So by implementing some of the hacks, you can maintain the beauty of the hardwood and make it for the long term use.

3. Expensive

One major factor, the installation of the wooden flooring is much expensive than others, and the cost of labour, cost of hardwood and other expenses are also higher than others. But it’s a one-time investment only because hardwood has many advantages like it put more value to the house, it increases the elegance of the interior and many others. 

Are Wood Floor Right for your Interior?

After reading all the pros and cons of the wooden flooring, you can evaluate the best option for your home according to the house as every house is different from each other. If you can tolerate the installation cost and other expenses of the hardwood floor then it is the best option for you as it is long term investment. Moreover, if you are looking for an area to buy a house in Karachi at a reasonable cost then check Top Locations for the Property Investors in Karachi.


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